Letter: July 2011

Hello to you all,
As you know I plunged back from the perils of snow and ice to find myself invited to a simply marvellous party at the Savoy. It was given by my friend Celia Imrie and it was to launch her book The Happy Hoofer. You are probably aware that it is rarely one author raves about another but I enjoin you all either to buy a copy or to go to your local library and beg, borrow or steal one. Talking of libraries, we are facing a pretty dire situation with government cutbacks and all. I won't say much more because this is not the place to air political views, but you can take it from me that I don't approve.

Anyway, back to the party. It was simply the best one I have ever been to. Studded with stars of the stage, of films and of the good old telly, it was electrifying. The first person I chatted to was the marvellous Richard Wilson of One Foot in the Grave fame. What a fabulous man! I adore him in his present hit show Merlin which is quite definitely NOT for children. He told me that they are filming the fourth series currently and that it will be shown this autumn. I can't wait.

The next person I met was Gyles Brandreth. Quite honestly I never took to him on television, considering him rather too full of his own importance - but not a bit of it. He was absolutely delightful, modest and unassuming. I liked him a lot.

I have always been a great fan of Neil (now Lord) Kinnock, and we chatted away as only two We1sh - well, I am half Welsh - people can. And so it went on. Every person I met was interesting and exciting and has contributed a great deal to life's enjoyment. Particularly Celia herself. Dressed in red, she signed books with style and humour and all I can do is wish her the absolute best with it.

Now briefly to my own book news. The long-awaited next escapade of John Rawlings is being published on September 1st, its title Death at the Wedding Feast Amazon, bless 'em, are already taking orders so get your requests in now. I am launching the book on 20th September at Goldshoro Books, Cecil Court, just off Charing Cross Road. All my fans and readers (are they one and the same? I suppose they are) are invited there at 6.30 pm, so get it in your diaries now.

In my next letter I will tell you all about my adventures at CrimeFest in Bristol, including my reunion with my old sparring partner, the great American author, Steven Saylor, looking as youthful and full of fun as always.

Me with Richard Wilson Me and Lord Kinnock Me and Amanda Barrie Me and Angus Yvonne Hodgson with Nicholas Lyndhurst Celia Imtie signing my book Thanking Celia Imrie for signing my book

I leave you with a series of photographs - as before, click the thumbnail to see the full-size picture! Firstly me with Richard Wilson (a copy of this appeared in the Royal Wedding issue of OK Magazine). Second, me and Lord Kinnock. Third, me and that great star, Amanda Barrie. Fourth, me and Celia's delightful son Angus. Fifth; my great friend Yvonne Hodgson with Nicholas Lyndhurst. Sixth, Celia signing my book and, seventh, me thanking her for doing so.

That's all for now. 2011 is proving to be an interesting year so far.

Keep reading and take care,
Deryn Lake.

July 2011