Privacy policy


We use a software package called phpList to send out newsletters. In order to do this we need your email address, and this is stored in the newsletter database. We do not know your personal name. In addition we hold the following information:

All of the above information will remain confidential to Deryn Lake (Dinah Lampitt) and the people who look after her website; we won’t pass it to anybody else unless we are required to do so by law, nor will we send out mailings on behalf of anybody else. Each newsletter you receive will remind you how you can unsubscribe, and you will also be able to do this via the website.


Cookies are small pieces of text stored in your computer, and they contain information needed to make the website function. Currently we only store one cookie, which has the name of PHPSESSID. This is strictly necessary for the functioning of the website. It is used to maintain information about each visit to the website and enable core site functionality. This cookie does not contain any personal information and only lasts for the duration of your visit. When you close your browser it is erased.

An earlier version of the website played sound, and your choice of whether or not you wanted to hear the music was contained in a cookie called sound which could either be on or off. Although the site no longer has this functionality, this cookie may remain on your computer.

Internet log information

When someone visits our website we collect standard internet log information so that we can find out things like the number of visitors to the various parts of the website. This information includes your IP address, which could be used to identify the device used to look at the website. We will not however attempt to do this except if required to do so by law enforcement agencies, or to investigate and prevent abuse of the website.